For several years, Kieran has been putting pen to paper as a screenwriter. His work spans many genres, from period biopics to comedies and he has several films and plays under his belt. He recently worked on the ‘Writing the Pilot’ course at the NFTS; he is a Script Consultant for the Thousand Films writing competition; he is on the judging panel at the British Film Festival; and he continues to collaborate with other writers and production companies on both his and their projects.


The Monkey Puzzle Tree*UPDATE ALERT* Kieran is currently writing the screenplay adaptation of The Monkey Puzzle Tree – the story of notorious London gangster, Stephen Gillen, and his transformational journey from Category A high-security prisoner to recipient of the Ambassador for Peace award.



His other writings so far include a feature length biopic on the life of maverick Irish politician Noel Browne, and his seminal battle against the Irish Establishment to provide free healthcare for mothers and their children.


Another of his works is a 6 part mini-series on the life and times of Edmund Kean; a fabled but controversial Hanoverian actor who dominated the London stage until his tragic and untimely death.


He also has both a TV short and stage adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart, its theme of perception and exploitation brought into contemporary times by addressing the scourge of sex trafficking.


He is also a Director of his production company Fruit Bat Films; a place where his work can find its best way forward with like-minded creatives.


Kieran is always happy to hear about new projects and opportunities.

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